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    Changing to a new Active Directory

    Cai Jun Chua

      Hi, I have a question.

      Currently, I have a Tableau Server set up with Active Directory, let's call it domainA.

      Here are my setup:


      1.     My Tableau Charts using Windows Authentication to authenticate for the database side

              - All the users are in domainA

              - domainA users are added to the database


      2.     My Application uses Trusted Authentication to obtain tickets for viewing the charts

              - The domainA users are added into Tableau


      3.     My charts are published using the Administrator Account of domainA


      So now I have to change domainA to domainB. Some things to note:

      1.     The same user might have different username in domainA compared to domainB

      2.     domainA will not be destroyed or scraped away.


      What steps do I have to do? Basically


      1.     Do I need to reinstall Tableau Server? Or I just change the domain under the 'Configure Tableau' dialog

      2.     Do I need to republish the charts under the new Administrator Account of domainB? Assuming the domainB users have already added into the database

      3.     Assuming I added the domainB users but did not remove domainA users from Tableau after I change the domain. Can domainA users still view the charts?

              As in whether the tickets obtained using domainA users will still be valid.


      Need answers badly. Thank You for your time.