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    Using clusters as dimensions in Tableau 10

    Christian Schwehm



      the clustering feature is really nice and I like it, but I do not succeed in using the cluster as a dimension later on to calculate statistics for each cluster. The only thing that I were able to, is to change the coloring of the group. Is there a way to calculate e.g. a weighted average of a specific factor for each cluster? I also would like to fix the number of clusters by a specific parameter, but I just succeeded to input the number directly when the cluster is generated. Is there a way to define that number with a parameter?


      The attached workbook is the point to which I got... The clustering is shown in the first sheet and the second sheet gives a weighted average for each country, but now I would like to get a bar chart for each of the 5 clusters - like I did for each country. Is there a way to achieve that?


      Thanks for your help,