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    WDCs get hung up in Tableau

    Charles Gowdy

      I am using Tableau v 9.3.1 and attempting to run any of the example WDC's in Tableau. I followed the tutorial for v1 of the simulator/SDK, and I was able to successfully run the example WDC's in the simulator (v1). Once I attempt to run the WDC directly in Tableau it gets hung up during the 'Executing Query' stage, and no data is ever pulled into Tableau.

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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Charles,


          Two things to try first to help diagnose the issue:


          1. Are there any errors in the console when you run the connector in the simulator?
          2. Once back in Tableau, can you take a look at the Tableau logs and see if there are any errors?


          For an introduction on how to do both of the things I mentioned above, I would recommend checking out this video on debugging: Debugging Tips & Tricks - YouTube.


          Let me know if that helps!



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            Charles Gowdy

            Hi Brendan,


            1. I do not receive any errors while debugging in the simulator.

            2. Based on the instructions on the video provided (very helpful, thank you!) I was able to pull the following errors from the Tableau logs (I can't attach a document from my work computer so I've included only the error text for each instance):


            - XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://query.yahooapis.com/v1/public/yqlq.....

            - Origin http://[server name] is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin

            - WDC:Stock Data for DATA: Connection error

            - Reporting data source exception. Type='WDCAbortError' Message='Error while trying to connect to the Yahoo stock data source.'

            - Network error occurred: Error 5 (Operation canceled)

            - WebDataTupleSource: :FetchMoreRows: Error downloading data: Operation Cancelled