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    Week-To-Date Sales

    Karolina Skvortsova

      I would like to calculate Week-to-Date Sales and I use the following formula


      IF [Day] <= TODAY()

      AND DATEDIFF('week',[Day],TODAY())= 0 THEN [Sales] END


      However according to my data I've got Sales for 22nd and 23th of January but I need the sum of sales for the period of 16-22 of January.


      How can I change the formula to get sum of sales for the correct period?

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          Karolina Skvortsova

          I've sorted out this issue and updated the formula:


          IF DATETRUNC('week', [Day]-1)+1 <= TODAY()

          AND DATEDIFF('week',DATETRUNC('week', [Day]-1)+1, TODAY())= 0 THEN [Sales] END

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            Alberto Arias

            Hello All

            In case it helps, I developed a way to have the week to date for all the weeks, not only the current one.



            The formula is:


            if DATEPART('weekday', [date]) <= DATEPART('weekday', today()) then [Sales] END


            This formula provides the week-to-date for all the weeks, so in order to compare just need to drop Sales into columns and filter previous 2 weeks, if you just want to create this week vs previous.

            I hope it helps



            P.S.: I developed the same but for non-us as weeks starts on Monday, if someone needs it please just send me a message