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    How to apply the parameter(type of fund) to all the sheets in my dashboard?

    Jaskaran Dhillon

      Hi all,


      Advanced thanks for reading this post and trying to help me as much as you can.


      So, I have multiple sheets on my dashboard regarding different monetary pools. I want to be able to use (type of funds) to specifically select and view that type of fund in all the 7 sheets. I have created type of fund as a parameter and consequently created its calculated view.




      However, when trying to switch between different fund types in the dashboard it does not affect the 7 sheets. A proposed solution would be to standardize the data for it to work, however I do not know how it would be structured for it to affect all sheets.

      The different types of funds would be: Book, Market, Net Invested, GAP, so I would be able to select one of these and see it in all the sheets.


      Attached are the overall sheet where I am trying to apply the filter Type of Fund, and the dashboard with all the sheets.




      Thank you,