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    Subscriptions Not Working - AWS

    Syed Khadir Ahmed

      Hi All,


      Presently my Tableau server 10.1 is on AWS, While installation the SMTP wasn't setup so I have not enabled the Subscriptions however later the SMTP has been setup and its up and running.


      I have configured the Tableau Server to use SMTP also I have enabled the Subscriptions at the Site level.


      At AWS level have enabled the port 25, As tableau doesn't need a Real Email address in configuration I have given TablAdmin@Companyname.com so the end users get the Email from this Email address.


      The user who is trying to Subscribe has the Email ID tagged to his account and that's the real Email ID.


      I have enabled subscriptions for every 15 mins to test, Unfortunately I am not getting any error neither last update gives any time when it was run it simply says 'Never' which means the task never got executed.


      Please let me know your thoughts what I may have missed..