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    Tableau Desktop 10.1 Using up all the memory on users machine

    Dan Burrell

      Hi everyone


      We noticed one of users started having some issues with Tableau Desktop 10.1 as at the end of last week.

      It seemed to result in Tableau consuming a large amount of resources on the local machine and locking it up.


      Anybody else seeing this?


      As we operate in a managed environment I am going to attempt to get the help desk guys to reinstall Tableau 10.1


      Machine has 8GB and a quad core. Its pushing use right up to 94% and grinding the machine to a half.

      The user keeps getting the classic.


      "Tableau is low on process memory and may be forced to abruptly exist. Please save your work"


      Data sources are on Tableau Server and we have quite a number of users operating in the same manner.