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    Any way to use a custom URL with Tableau Online?

    Mark Vogel

      I'm new to Tableau.  We're thinking of publishing a dashboard for our each of our customers and thinking about using Tableau Online as a first step.  Eventually, we may get to using Tableau Server.


      One issue we have is trust and are concerned that the URL online.tableau.com may make our clients uncomfortable about who has the data they are viewing.


      Is there anyway to have a custom url with Tableau online so that our customers might go to tableau.company.com rather than online.tableau.com/company?


      If you can't do a custom URL, has anyone figured out another approach to this trust issue?

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Mark -


          Unfortunately, Online itself has no way to help you do this.


          I think the larger question for you is perception, however. Even if you could get this to work, you haven't solved the real problem -- user perception around whether the platform itself can be trusted - simply trying to hide Online sweeps the problem under the rug temporarily.


          Have you had conversations with your customers about specifcally what they're worried about? Data sovereignty? Other? Once you know what you're up against, The folks who focus on Online can point you to the right materials / approaches to put them at ease.

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            Shawn Wallwork

            I had a client in UK who refused to use Online because the Server for it is in US (?) and they were afraid of the NSA. So the 'trust' issue can be a difficult one to overcome.




            EDIT: It was when Online was first being introduced, and I'm guessing that Dublin wasn't an option at that time.

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              Russell Christopher

              Well, that's the thing, They could have kept their data in the EU. There's a data center in Dublin and you can choose to be hosted there. It's important to know exactly what the objections are so you can deal with them . 


              There won't always be a solution of course, but what I was getting at is just trying to avoid / side-step the problem instead of dealing with it head-on probably isn't the best of approaches.

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                Mark Vogel

                My trust concern is whether this data is really being put out by our company or someone who just signed up for Tableau Online and just said they were us.


                As everyone knows, phishing and spoofing are increasingly prevalent.  We've had numerous attempts to impersonate our firm.  Therefore, when we provide something to clients or anyone outside the company, we're really careful about authenticating ourselves to them as much as we need them to authenticate themselves to us.


                Have a URL which is not part of our domain and can't be looked up erodes trust.  Some of our other SaaS vendors provide the ability to use one of our domain names as an alias to theirs.  Hoping that Tableau did the same.

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                  Russell Christopher

                  Hey Mark --


                  The  only (close to) foolproof way to accomplish this goal involves never sending your clients outside the trusted walls of your own website in the first place. Have you considered simply embedding Tableau vizzes for your clients inside your own portal? It's not all that complicated. In essence:


                  • Client logs into your trusted website using logins they've probably had for a while
                  • Client goes to the new "Analytics" page in your website.
                  • Your website knows who the user is, so authenticates against the appropriate account in Tableau Online using SAML (a single sign-in mechanism).
                  • Your website knows who the user is and is now authenticated against Tableau Online AS that user, so can request a viz on their behalf and display it as "part" of your site.


                  We have fair number of people do this - there's even an API to support it.


                  You mentioned wanting to forward tableau.yourcompany.com to online.tableau.com/yourcompany. That is possible right now without any help from Online. You simply need to create a subdomain under YOUR DNS entry and then have it redirect to tableau online (You can't redirect directly to a specific URL - only to the online.tableau.com domain itself). Read up on the "CNAME" record in DNS which will allow this. When all is said and done, this isn't all that safe anyway because you really want to show a customer YOUR SSL cert showing that they have indeed arrived at site owned & operated by YOURCOMPANY.COM.



                  You could also try something like establishing the Tableau Online accounts using specific usernames (email addresses) that are actually OWNED by your company: coke@yourcompany, ford@yourcompany.com. You can instruct your clients never to login with any other usernames but these. Someone trying to fool your customers won't have control OVER these usernames, so there will be no way to allow them to be reused as logins for a second, "fake" site.


                  Does that help at all?