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    Unrecognized name Error with Tableau 10.1.3 and Standard SQL

    Nooruddin Khorasi



      I had a fully functional workbook in 10.0.0 that I am trying to use in Tableau Desktop 10.1.3.

      I was aware of tableau connector and bigquery using standard SQL henceforth so I re-wrote my BQ View using standard SQL notation and tried to use it as a data source for my workbook.

      I keep getting this error on different fields:

      • The Google BigQuery service was unable to compile the query.
      • Unrecognized name: `ADU.DeltaApplicationUptime` at [1:8]


      I changed my view query from being:


      SELECT * FROM ( TABLE_QUERY(reportdata:Generated_Daily_US, 'table_id CONTAINS "ADU"') )




      SELECT * FROM `reportdata.Generated_Daily_US.ADU_*` and I am able to successfully query this view in BQ Console.


      Is this a known bug in Tableau BQ Connector or is it something else that I have to change to get this working.