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    Show only one label in a 100% stacked bar.

    Diogo Braga

      I only want to show the values label (percentage and count) if blue. If grey, I don't want to show any label. How can I do that?



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          Jamieson Christian



          Attached is a workbook (version 10.1.3) with two solutions, which I will describe at a high level.


          METHOD 1 — Table Calcs


          Use table calc fields to conditionally output your values (% and count) only if the current segmentation is [Effective] = 'Effective Use'.


          METHOD 2 — Dual Axis


          Create a second bar, MAX(1.0). Make it dual-axis with the main bars, synchronize, and make sure the MAX(1.0) marks are moved to the back. Remove all pills from the Marks shelf for the MAX(1.0) bar, and color it appropriately. Then, use the color legend for the main bars to hide the "Not Effective Use" sections.



          (P.S. I'm starting to see my own initials show up in people's attachment filenames. I guess that's flattering.)

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            Joe Oppelt

            See attached.


            I created my own calcs that test for [Effective] and only set the value if true.

            Then I replaced your calcs with those.


            I noticed the residual parentheses in the grey area, so see Sheet3.  I put it all into a string field and, again, tested for [Effective].