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    Embedded view in Website results in Slower performance.

    Krunal Patel

      We have a core based for Tableau server  10.1.1. We are publishing our Dashboards to Tableau server and some of those are public dashboards. We would like to publish those on our website enabling guest account so anyone can see those dashboards. However, we embedded Tableau Dashboard code which we get from Share option into our website and dashboard gets loaded in 1 minute or more. If I load the same dashboard it in Tableau server it takes 10 to 15 seconds. Any suggestion what should I do to increase performance on Website.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Krunal -


          If you can reproduce this behavior dependably, I''d suggest you can open up a support case. This shouldn't be happening.


          Here are some troubleshooting thoughts for you...


          Have you:


          • Created a simple "stand alone" HTML page (not part of your larger website) to test this with?
          • Are you testing the "embedded viz" and the viz rendering speed in Tableau Server from the same machine?
          • Have you used your browser's Dev Tools to see what "parts" of the viz rendering process are taking a long time?
          • Have you gone into the Tableau Server "Load Time" report and compared the viz render time of your "embedded" via "execute in Tableau Server" vizzes? Are they about the same (I bet they are) or very different?
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            John Kuo

            Great suggestions from Russell Christopher as usual. So it appears there's possible issue between communications to/from you website and Tableau server. My thoughts:


            1) Network latency: Are the website server and Tableau server located in different geographical locations? If one is in Africa and the other is in America, network latency is expected.

            2) Firewall: Make sure the web server is not blocking anything from Tableau Server or vice versa.

            3) Anti-virus software: One of the most common issues I've seen with Tableau server performance Improving Performance by Using Antivirus Exclusions | Tableau Software

            4) Have you tried embedding using JavaScript API instead? JavaScript API