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    Filtering data - Table does not show all the values

    Diego Roa

      Hi All,

      I'm new in tableau and I've been working on some visualization for a while.

      I created a parallel coordinate and I would like to show the specific information of the highlighted line (which I use as a filter) in a table.




      When I select one line from the parallel coordinate, then the table shows the specific value of the line that I am selecting.





      I would like to show all the values from the same line and show all the table. I could show all the values from the table going to the Analysis tab - Table layout - show all columns, but I can't show all the values in the table once I filtered the results from the graphic above.


      Does anybody know how to show all the values?


      Attached find the tableau file:


      Thanks in advance for your help!



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          Jamieson Christian



          Workbook attached (version 10.1.3). Here is a drill-down of the problems that led to this behavior, working backwards:


          • The filter action on the dashboard was configured to "All fields", which causes the table to be filtered on both [Campaign Type] and [Campaign] when something in the line chart is selected.
          • You could not specify to just filter on Campaign Type because technically, [Campaign Type] wasn't in the line chart — it was using ATTR([Campaign Type]) instead.
          • It seemed to be doing this to get around an issue created by your LOD expression [Value Scaled], which was an EXCLUDE LOD.


          To fix this, I had to rewrite the EXCLUDE LOD as a FIXED LOD. I hope I got it right. It seems to actually fix some other things, e.g. your Campaign Type legend/filter aren't showing * anymore.


          Once [Value Scaled] was in a FIXED LOD, I could restructure the line chart view to use [Campaign Type] instead of ATTR([Campaign Type]).


          Once that was done, then I could modify the dashboard action to only filter on [Campaign Type], thus causing the table to show all the [Campaigns] in that Campaign Type.

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            Diego Roa

            Dear Christian,

            THANK YOU! for your reply. It was really helpful!


            Now I understand so much better how Tableau works with the actions and filters