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    How to calculate components for Likert Scale Gantt Chart with tall data format?

    Katie Poznanski-Ring

      Hi All,


      I'm trying to build a Gantt bar chart to visualize some Likert scale survey data (following Steve Wexler's "Likert Scales - The Final Word?" post) and am running into an issue with some of the calculations.


      In building the recommended crosstab (1st picture below), I noticed that the second column field, Count Negative, is not calculating correctly - it's over-counting each response because my data is in a tall format (multiple rows per respondent).


      For example, in the first pane (2nd picture), my Count Negative should be 16 and 21 but it's calculating 64 and 84. This is based on CNTD(RespID); if I do CNT(RespID) then Count Negative matches. So, I need to find a way to tell Tableau to do a sort of CNTD(Count Negative), but I'm not sure how, because if I literally do that, I get all 1s. I'm thinking I need to write a function that combines MIN and IF like "IF MIN([RespID]) AND [Number Response] >=3 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END", but this results in errors...I'm pretty new at Tableau's functions, so I was hoping someone with much more function experience could make a suggestion?


         How calculations should be running (from Steve's example)                                                                          


        How my calculations are incorrectly running (my data)



      Thanks for your time,