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    Worker is not responding

    Todd Schuman

      Some background



      Tab Server 10.1.1

      2 cores

      8GB RAM



      TabWorker 10.1.1

      4 cores

      16GB RAM



      TabWorker 10.1.1

      4 cores

      16GB RAM


      • All servers are VMs - Windows Server 2012 Standard
      • Firewall disabled on all servers
      • Can ping both ways on servers


      Server installed in Trial mode on Gateway (I wanted to keep this low on hardware as it will only server as a gateway/load balancer).  Is this an issue?


      Installed worker software on Worker 1 Server.  When I try to add worker1 from the GW config, I keep getting "worker [] is not responding.  Confirm worker is installed, running, and configured with computer name or all IP4 addresses belonging to primary Tableau Server".


      Logs are minimal, as if there is nothing wrong.


      What could be preventing this from finding the server?  I have done this in the past and it was a breeze.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Todd -


          First, we should probably get this out of the way. Here is some guidance on splitting an 8 core. Give it a quick glance?


          Got it? Don't do what you're doing . I assume this is just a science experiment on your part, however....


          Now, to your problem. As I recall (and things may have changed), you cannot do a distributed deployment of Tableau Server with a trial key. In years gone by, there was actually a message that would say (essentially) "You can't to that". Can you confirm you are using a trial key?


          You've covered all the other bases nicely - connectivity is there, name resolution APPEARS to be there, no firewall. Good stuff. The only other thing I could offer is to use IP addresses when you plug in the worker names INSTEAD of dns hostnames. I've occasionally seen a ping against a hostname work but postgres still end up getting confused.

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            John Kuo

            I haven't done much trial installations of Tableau Server, can someone from Tableau confirm that distributed install on trial license is not allowed?

            As for troubleshooting, I would reinstall worker software and enter the primary's server's static IP instead of DNS name when prompted.