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    Exporting data with its own filters from Tableau to Execel

    Mara Pometti



      Is there an option on Tableau to export the data from a selected chart into an Excel file with all its filters?


      I read thousand of tricks and posts about that, but my client would like to click on a selected graph in the published dashboard and exporting to a csv file all its data (data dived in the right columns and rows). I mean, something like a buttom which you click on in order to extract an Excel file with the data used to make the graph. (no crosstab option, because it does not keep the data with its filters  and it is too much complicated. No the trick to embed an URL with final csv extension).


      Moreover, is there an option (beside of the which one to export a PDF or an image) to export the charts made with Tableau directly in a csv file?


      I am sorry for the demanding requests, but my client is pushing me with these.


      Thank you for any help you will able to provide me!