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    help! Can't figure out how to get Excel data to be interpreted as volumes by quarterly dates

    Alex Bloom

      Hi, new very frustrated Tableau user here. I have an Excel spreadsheet showing the volume of apples and bananas imported by country by quarter/year. I have 160 rows for each country , and then the following 71 column headers: country name, region, continent, type of fruit...and then 67 quarters (i.e. q1/2000, q2/2000, q3/2000...up to q3/2016). Each of these quarters is its own column.

      The grid is 160x71.

      I want to view trends over time in Tableau.

      When I import this Excel chart to Tableau, I don't know how to create a "date" measure (or dimension?) given the way my data is organized. I'm worried I'm going to have to totally reformat the Excel chart so that "date" is a single column and "amount imported" is another, resulting in more than 10,000 rows (160*71). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!