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    dashboards, containers, do worksheets automatically get put into one

    gene shackman

      When I create a dashboard, I drag some worksheets into it. Now I am just learning about containers (something I did not learn about in any classes). When I click on layout, I see that all of my sheets are in some kind of container, either vertical, horizontal, or are tiled. I did not create any containers when I started my dashboard. Here are my questions:


      1. Does Tableau automatically put every worksheet into a container?


      2. What's the relationship between tiled and containers?


      3. If I don't set up containers at the start of the dashboard, but just start dragging worksheets in, how do I control what kind of container it goes into?


      4. Best websites to learn (and tell my co-workers) about containers, for folks, like me, who know almost nothing about containers.


      I found a few

      Resize and Lay Out Your Dashboard




      Tableau Layout Containers: Part 1 - The basics - YouTube



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          David Li

          Hi Gene! Here are some answers:

          1. If a worksheet/element is docked ("tiled"), then it must be inside a container. If it's floating, it does not have to be within a container. However, note that you can float containers, so you could choose to dock a sheet inside a floating container.
          2. "Tiled" is actually type of container that Tableau uses to allow you to build dashboards quickly. It's like the horizontal or vertical containers, except that it allows elements to be added in both axes. Actually, when you create a new dashboard, Tableau automatically generates a tiled container. You can think of this kind of like a mother container that contains all your docked containers. And even more interestingly, if you try to delete this Tiled container, any containers/elements inside it will remain, but they will convert to being floating instead of docked.
            • Note that the term "Tiled" is a bit confusing in Tableau because it is both a synonym for "docked" and also a type of container.
          3. You can't control what kind of container an element goes into without inserting them yourself. You can, however, start inserting elements first, then add containers later and move them into those new containers.
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