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    How to get different filters for different columns in single worksheet? (v 9.2)

    Hurtado Wallace

      I apologize if this question was asked 200 times before but I searched the community and my search did not return a result to this question.


      I have the dimension year (2000 - 2010)

      I have the measures salary and bonus


      I created a table in my worksheet with column1 = salary and column2 = bonus.

      I then added a date filter for 2010 so now salary and bonus are related to the year 2010.


      Now I must change the table like this:

      column1 = salary for 2010   column2 = bonus for year 2011,


      Tableau is only letting me do this by adding a filter for years 2010 and 2011:

      column1 = salary for 2010   column2 = salary for year 2010,

      column3 = bonus for 2011   column2 = bonus for year 2011,


      but I only want 2 columns not 4.   Is it possible with tableau?

      or at least if the 4 columns appear, can I hide the two unnecessary columns?


      Thank you for your help