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    Data source dynamic filter using parameters

    Kuldeep Chitrakar



      I need little help in getting started on Tableau Dashboard.


      I need to develop a dashboard on data which is from last 2 years and its needs to have data source filter/parameter where use can select the Year Month , which should be used to filter out the data and bring in only data from Last 2 years till the year month selected.


      1. e.g.


      There will be a parameter which will present user a list of values like


      Current Month

      2016 Dec

      2016 Nov



      So if user selects Current Month then datasource should be filter out the data and bring in only data from 2015 Jan till 2017 Jan, if user selects 2016 Dec then it should filter out datasource and bring data from Jan 2014 till Dec 2016.


      I have created data view by adding data tables in datasource and defining relationship, Also created a parameter and trying to use this in Datasource filter but don’t know how or do not see an option.


      Does that mean I would need to use Custom SQL in this scenario and I cannot use data view which I defined in Tableau by adding tables and relationship.