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    VizAlerts CSV attachment format

    Clair Wang

      We have successfully installed and configured VizAlerts, everything works as what document addressed.  There are 2 things could potentially affect the adoption:


      1. CSV attachment by default does not keep crosstab format.  As user guide suggests, we tried to convert the continuous measure to discrete measure, that works for keeping crosstab format, but "Grand Total" doesn't work for discrete measure.

      2. For CSV attachment, Is it possible to combine multiple worksheets into one workbook?  Currently it looks like we have to attach multiple csv files in one email.

      Any suggestions on this?  Please consider to add these two items in future release, that will be a big help for us.




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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Clair,


          Neither of the use cases you mention are currently supported by VizAlerts, the enhancements are both described in Export CSV to Excel XLSX · Issue #75 · tableau/VizAlerts · GitHub, if you have extra comments to add there please do. Also if you or someone on your team has some Python coding experience then their contributions would be welcome as well!


          Currently VizAlerts uses Tableau's CSV download that doesn't keep the crosstab format, so formatting CSVs would require building out functionality to identify how the CSV should be laid out, whether that's using the XML from the TWB or a separate configuration file is something that is still to be determined.


          Also, a question I make sure to ask *every* time someone wants a data dump from Tableau is "What are you doing with that?" and then when they given an answer asking the question again until I get to something that is a "real world" action like making a phone call, sending an email, text message, or Slack message, changing control parameters for hardware or software, etc. There are often cases where the answer is something like "I load the data in Excel, do some filtering and sorting so I can get number X that I then type into system Y." and Tableau could be used to do the filtering & sorting and generate the number X and skip the whole Excel piece.



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            Matt Coles

            Did this answer your question, Clair? If so, could you please mark the answer as correct? Thanks!