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    Drill-Down not working on a simple data-set...why???

    Ashraf Elashiry



      I read through the forums and couldn't find a straight answer to my question.

      Drill-down using the 'View Data' option doesn't actually show you the records for the specified data points.

      I don't want to use hierarchies. But is this the only way?


      I want to aggregate counts and allow users to click on a mark and see the details behind the figure, not see the entire data-set and have to export to Excel and filter...


      I am really struggling to understand why 'viewing underlying' data doesn't actually show the records relevant to the selected data point.


      I'm hoping someone can look at the attached workbook (v 9.2).

      I have version 10 so if you save it down in 10 and re-post that's fine also.

      The data set is simple, 100 records in total, and I created 2 simple measures.

      When I select the measure displaying 20, I expect to only see the 20 records that make up this figure. Why do I see the 100 rows when I click on View Underlying data?

      Do I have to build custom drill-through reports? Is there a problem with the way the measure is calculated?


      Even adding ID's to the level of detail makes no difference.


      Please help ... i need to know what my options are ...thanks!