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    Server timezone confusion

    Meg Narasimhan



      I am just starting to use Tableau Server 10.1.1 (10100.16.1103.2343). I have always been wary of timezone issues and of course I happen to run into something I cant understand. So my Windows server is in UTC. I believe my tableau installation is also in UTC.


      1. Why are all my timestamps in US/Pacific - date uploaded/modified of workbooks, datasources, all that stuff
      2. When I try to schedule extracts, why is it translating from UTC to US/Pacific (I think)

      Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 2.08.01 PM.png


      Should I just go on as is, or do I need to fix something? Is this expected tableau server behavior? Server in UTC but display times in US/Pacific?



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          John Kuo



          It looks like you are physically located in Pacific Time Zone and the Windows server hosting Tableau Server is in UTC? My observations:


          1) Content time stamps will be in the viewer's time zone. Date created, modified, next run at , next update, etc.

          2) In my opinion, it's a flaw that tableau server does not show one unified time in server. For example, I'm located in Pacific Time Zone and my server is in Central. I created a schedule to be refreshed at 6PM Pacific Time but Tableau interprets it as 6PM server time (4PM Central). This causes confusion because the schedule name is displayed in local user time but it automatically translates it to server time for the intended time trigger without explicitly letting the user know.






          Tableau should include time zone info on all time stamps for clarity purposes. I found an Idea submission and we should all vote for it here https://community.tableau.com/ideas/2168 so it may be included in the product road map.

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            Meg Narasimhan

            Thanks John. So much clearer now. I completely agree about including time zone info. Will upvote the idea.