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    Formatting help


      I am creating a county map to show total  number of population by county. I have a filter to choose  category .e.g



      Categoryage group
      kids 0-12



      I have assign color to map 1) based on category 2) count of people in each county.



      but it allows me to assign only one dimension /measure for coloring option. so my question here is there a way we can assign two dimensions or measures to color ?

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          Matthew Risley



          You cannot add to measures/dimensions to the color pane. Only one.

          Another way to distinguish the two would be to use either shape, or size.


          But this seems like it could be solved using custom tooltips. That way when a user hovers over a county it'll show each category and the number that corresponds to that category


          Hope this helps!

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            Hi Archana,

            Thank you for using Tableau! I found a similar question that I think will answer yours. Please see the link below for more information. Also, if you send a sample workbook I can give you specific instructions.


            Essentially, you can drag your first filter onto color. Then drag your second filter to the marks card. Then click just to the left of that filter and select "color". This will adjust the shades of color based on the second filter.


            More information available here:

            Two dimensions on color shelf? 


            Please let us know if you have other questions!


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              Chris McClellan

              You can assign many dimensions (follow Angie Connell's steps above). I don't think you can add a mixture of dimension and measure, but I've never tried it.

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                Hi Matthew ,


                I could have but I need to show two legends for map one color to show which category is selected and Second color Gradient to show count of people in county .