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    How to get detailed data of Running total value

    David Marin

      Hi ,


      I am new in Tableau and i have a problem to get the details of running total value , i will explain


      I have one dashboard "A" that present the next value:


      year    month   amount     running total amount

      2016     jan16     1000                    1000

      2016     feb16     500                      1500

      2016     mar16    800                      2300



      I have a second dashboard "B" that present the details of the data


      year month   order#     product     amount



      i have created an action filer from dashboard "A" to dasboard "B"

      when i select the value under the running total amount (for example :2300)

      i would like to get all the data details between jan16 and mar16 but im geting only the "mar16" data that represent the amount of 800

      and not 2300.



      any one has an idea how can get all the running sum details ?





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          Jim Dehner

          Hi David


          I have attached a T10.1.3 file - hope you can open it up


          See the screen print below


          You need to set up a filter that links the first db to the second db - and you need to make sure that the Date (month-yr) is in each of your worksheets

          Let me know if this works


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            David Marin

            Hi Jim ,


            Thank you very much for tring to help.


            I hav'nt succeeded to open the attached file (our version of Tableau is 9.04)


            i have created the filter action exactly as you describe and im still getting only one month in the detailed dashboard


            do you have any other idea?




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              Jim Dehner

              Sorry David - you were right

              I have retooled the solution


              I will walk you through the process


              I created a single dashboard model with 2 worksheets and 1 parameter

              The parameter is set up as a date with a MY (month year format) using the Add fro Field option where you just select your date field


              see below


              The on the worksheets I created 2 filters Using the parameter value

              1 for the Min date >> [Order Date]>=Date(Str(Year([Enter month/year]))+"-1-1")

              and the other for the Max date >> [Order Date]<=[Enter month/year]


              The filters are true false filters - drag each to the filter shelf and set each equal to T


              Next create you view using your date field as rows and your high level measure - I just used sales from the Superstore data set


              see below


              On your detail worksheet use the same filters and add the detail you want (I just used category but it could easily by order id /product)

              I also added a table calculation to provide the running total by month by category


              Then create your dashboard with the 2 sheets and make you high level sheet the filter



              The user enters a date in the Parameter and the YTD presents the month by month totals and the Detail sheet presents the detail by month


              That should do it

              Let me know if it worked for you