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    Permission to view tables without permission to view Database

    Allen Gapara

      I would like your help in connecting to data source. I have lost and cannot connect Tableau to the data source. I am connected to the server but can not connect Tableau to data source. This started because of some security update. I have lost my permission to view the SQL Database but still have permission to view  tables, fields and data via queries. To verify that, In Management Studio, I run


      SELECT * FROM <database><dbo><database name>


      and I can get data even though, I cannot see the Database. I have tried the following to try to connect:



      On Server


      <server Address>, <port number> <Database name>


      tick Require SSL


      Then OK to get connected


      This is as far as I got. My question is, Is there a way to access the tables without Databases in view. Thanks for reading, your help will be appreciated.