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    How to show values of the last week in a month?

    Nguyen Yen

      Hi all,

      I'm Yen, I have  a data about sales which has 2 fields: "Time" and "Sales". But Dimension Time is displayed such as 01.2015, 02.2015, it means the first week of year 2015, the second week of year 2015.

      In my workbook, I converted "Time" from Week Numbers to Date (Converted Date).


      But now I want to show value of the last week of the month.

      Examples, when I show filter "Year" and choose "2015", filter "Month" and choose "January", I will see the value of the last week in January of 2015. Any ideas how to insolve this issue in Tableau?

      Please help me regarding,


      Thank all,