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    Filter & text Alignment issues on server

    Kunal Suresh Prajapati

      Hi Team,


      I am uploading tableau dashboard build in 9.2.4 version  on server Tableau 10.1.3.

      I saw and issue where the alignment of text over filter are disturb.. (Not as seen on desktop is reflected on server)


      Please respond if you have seen any similar case and how to resolve it..


      On Desktop


      On Web



      Thank You,

      Kunal P

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          Joe Oppelt

          The Desktop view of a dashboard isn't always what you see on server.  I run into this all the time.  It's most prevalent with floating objects, and that is the only dashboard layout method I use, so it's something I have to deal with frequently.  And it's especially a problem when my dashboard is really packed full of objects, and a few pixels here and there really mess up what I am trying to achieve.


          Sometimes you can avoid this, and it looks like the specific issue your screenshot shows is one that you might be able to avoid.


          I am guessing that the "View by" object is a parameter.  You probably want to use the value of parameter in calcs, and you need the two values to be "LOB" and "plan".  But you want the user to see "LOB by plan" and "Plan by LOB".


          If so, a parameter lets you have an internal value and a display value, and the two values don't even have to be the same data type.  (For instance, I have a numeric FISCAL MONTH parameter with internal values of 1-12, but the user sees "November", "December", ... etc.)  So you can edit that parameter to insert display values, and that will let you eliminate the floating text box.


          This doesn't address the larger issue of visual mismatch between desktop and server.  The interfaces are two different animals, so my understanding is that the desktop view is the best approximation of a browser window they can get.

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            Kunal Suresh Prajapati

            Thank you Joe for response.

            Your explanation is helpful. I think tableau should do something about this..

            I am using the one parameter across 2 pages with different name so that selection is carried from page 1 to 2 and vise-versa..


            Thank You,

            Kunal P