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    Upgrade away from Excel (Legacy) connection

    Bob Snyder

      Hi All,



      *Disclaimer* I don't think I need to post a workbook here but I will if you guys want.


      I am using Tableau 8.2 and am upgrading straight to Tableau 10 (yayyy!)...I currently have both on my machine.


      In Tableau 8.2 I built a worksheet around the "Legacy Connection" type so I could manually do some SQL to union 3 tabs on my worksheet.


      Issue: Tableau 10 can do this union with out the legacy connection type, which i keep reading will slows down my workbook performance. I want to use the native Tableau 10 union feature...but can't for the life of me figure out how to upgrade the connection type from Legacy to native so I can bring in my sheets with the new union tool.



      I've been fighting this and searching for a few embarrassing days now. Thank you all!



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