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    I would like to embed a dashboard into Sharepoint 2010 from Tableau Public.  I have found instructions on how to do this, but my question is this:  Can the dashboard be removed from Tableau Public after embedding the code into Sharepoint?

    Cathy Schatzke

      We do not have Tableau Server, only Tableau Desktop 8.2.  I would like to publish a dashboard to Tableau Public Server and then follow the instructions to embed the code into a Web Part in SharePoint 2010.  My question is this - will the dashboard remain in SharePoint as an interactive dashboard without having to link back to Tableau Public to retrieve anything?  We would like to be able to remove the dashboard from Tableau Public once it has been successfully embedded into SharePoint.  The reason I have not tried this is because we do not have the Web Part functionality in our SharePoint site at this time, and I do not want to go through all the trouble of having it installed to find out that the dashboard must remain on Tableau Public. Thanks!