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    embed images from URL, multiple images per product

    Alex Neville

      Hi Guys,


      Browsed the forums a bit but nothing could answer my question.


      So I have a catalogue of products that I'm working with, each product in my data comes with a list of image URLS



      PROD      IMG

      Product 1 image.com/url1.jpg

      Product 1 image.com/url2.jpg

      Product 1 image.com/url3.jpg

      Product 2 image.com/url4.jpg

      Product 2 image.com/url5.jpg



      There are hundreds of unique images associated with the products, with more unique images being added daily.


      What I am trying to do is create a dashboard view that will allow me to select a product and then cycle through the available images, ideally in a "gallery" sort of way.


      Is there a way I can do this? Would be quite keen to see if Tableau is capable of this functionality!