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    Date filters for different products

    Aidan Bouchelle



      I have to create a report for new products and examine there performance for the first 35 days.  The products all launch and different times and will overlap with each other.  The three launch dates are 1/4/2017, 12/14/2016 and 12/26/2016.  This will be an ongoing report and will have new products added on a regular basis.  Unfortunately I cannot upload a workbook the information is sensitive. 


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Tom W

          Hi Aidan,

          We can't really help without a sample file. I don't really know what you're trying to achieve based on your description as there isn't enough detail.


          You don't need to use real data in your sample, create some fake data in Excel, connect Tableau to that and explain your issue relative to the sample you've prepared.



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            Joe Oppelt

            You can anonymize your workbook if it gets to the point where you have to upload something:


            Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing


            Do you store the launch date in the rows for a given product?  If so, you would create a calc that compares the transaction date with the launch date, and just saves those rows that are within 35 days of launch.


            If not, then you'll probably have to assume that the earliest transaction date for a product is also the launch date.


            You can create LOD calcs that will give you the earliest date for each product.  It would look something like this:



            { FIXED [product] : MIN([transaction date]) }


            You'll probably need that to know how to grab the first 35 days of transactions.