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    Recalculating score based on filter selection

    Oscar Lim

      Hello.  The survey data I have would list the question number, its response and maximum values. 

      If someone rates the question as Pass, then it gets the Maximum value.  If Fail, then it is 0. 

      For ID 100, the survey score is 63.64%


      What I want to achieve in Tableau is for the user to select (from a Question filter?) the Question and recalculate the score.

      On Row 26 (below screenshot), if the user selected Q6 and Q10, then the potential score could have been 90.91%.

      This is to say if Q6 and Q10 was a Pass, then the score could have been 90.91% instead of 63.64%.


      How do I do this selection and recalculation in Tableau?



      Attaching excel file, tableau workbook. I am using Version 9.0


      Thank you.