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    Action Filters

    Eleonor Hellblom



      I have an issue that hopefully someone will be able to help me with.


      I have an Action filter that takes me to another dashboard and filters on that selection (Region in the example workbook), on the second Dashboard I have two data sources with the field in common. However in one of the data sources one of the Regions does not exist (North in this case). So if you choose North from Dashboard 1, US Category where this does not exist goes blank - which is fine, I want to show that the data does not exist for this graph.

      However I want to be able to get this back when I choose a common value in the Action Quick filter I have on Dashboard 2. Does anyone know how to achieve this? As well if I choose another value from Dashboard 1, Central for example (a common value) but then on Dashboard 2 Quick filter select 'North' I want this to go blank again.


      Or is there another solution that would work where you show that the value does not exist in the other data source? Can you say where Action Region(Source 1) != Region(Source 2), so it will go blank but be able to get it back when it equals each other? Parameters is a possible solution, but I want it to update to you can see what action you applied.


      Or can you have a floating white box show up over US category when the non common field is selected but disappear when choosing a common field?


      Please note it is not possible to join the Data Sources or have the same Primary Data Source.


      Thank you all in advance,


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          Simon Runc

          hi Eleonor,


          I have a (sort of) solution for you...


          Rather than expose the Action Filter as a Filter, to allow the re-filtering, I've created a viz to do the job. Although less space efficient than a regular filter, the extra info it provides could justify the extra space! I've used highlight actions too, so that it is clear what is selected.


          Let me know if this might fly, and I can go into a bit more detail on all the actions (...if you are unable to unpick it all!)


          Hope this helps.

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            Eleonor Hellblom

            Hi Simon,


            Thank you for taking time to reply but unfortunately I have already run this solution by my client and they don't like it as we have other dashboards where we have the drop-down as well in the real data there are several dimensions so it takes up too much space.


            But thank you once again,


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              Simon Runc

              ...that's a shame.


              In which case I don't think there is a way...I wasn't aware that the Action Filter Sets (the sets Tableau builds and adds to the filter shelf) didn't allow for the new "Cross-Database Filtering"...just going to ping Yuri Fal as he often proves me wrong! (which I'm always delighted with!!)


              Of course you can make the Sheet Filter a little smaller (and filter like)...but won't get the drop-down effect



              The only other way I can think of (and this will depend on your data and vizes) is to build all vizes off one data source and just blend in any measures you need from DS2. I'm guessing the fact that one datasource doesn't contain a list of all possible values, from both datasources, is the reason you've asked the question...but though I'd mention this as an option.


              If I think of anything I'll post back.

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                Yuriy Fal

                Simon, thank you for the ping.


                I'm thinking no more than

                using Cross-Datasource Filter.

                Same as your View-as-Filter,

                but looks like a quick filter

                (actually it is).


                Please find the attached

                (Sheet 7 on Dashboard 7).





                PS If the aim is using Filter Action(s) --

                just for the sake of it's ubiquity --

                then I couldn't help either.

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                  Eleonor Hellblom

                  Hi Yuri, thank you for your reply and thank you Simon Runc for the ping (and reply)!


                  What you post is the closest I have got, except there is no way to link this with an action from another dashboard is there? It doesn't need to use the Action Quick Filter, just to have a drop down filter that reflects the action taken in the other dashboard.


                  Unfortunately 90% of all my issues with this Tableau workbook would be solved if Action Quick Filters could be applied to all related data sources...




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                    Simon Runc

                    Thanks Yuri...


                    So yes the problem is that Eleonor wants both!! (or the effect of both)


                    Initially, someone selects a region from Dashboard 1...which sends that region to dashboard 2 (where the 2 vizes are built from 2 different DS). At that point, if the user changes their mind, rather than go back to DB1..they would like to do it on DB2. I'm sure the real version has a good reason for this (and this is just a mock-up for the behaviour). You can do this over a single DS, as you can expose the Action Filter set as a "real" filter. What you want to be able to do, like adding these Action Filter Sets to Context, is to have the "All Using Related Datasource" for these...but I can see why this option isn't there (this isn't the actual region dimension, but a set built off it, so doesn't exist in both DS)


                    Thanks for taking a look...always gives me more confidence I haven't overlooked something!!


                    Sorry Eleonor...so looks like the options are;

                    try and union the data into a single source (this can work even at different grains)

                    use the worksheet as filter (as I showed)

                    create a "back button" so navigation back to DB1 is easy (I've even got a trick [I, of course, didn't think of it!!], so the back-button automatically de-selects itself so none of that "double click" annoyingness...let me know if you go down that route)


                    I'll let you know if anything else comes to mind

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                      Eleonor Hellblom

                      Thank you both for trying, these are requirements from the client so I have been trying to find solutions but it is good to know my knowledge of Tableau is correct and didn't miss something obvious. I will return to my data source and see if I can make them one data source.

                      So once again - thank you to both of you.

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                        Paulo Dantas

                        Hi Eleonor,


                        your question are solved?


                        If yes, please check one answer like correct to close the thread.