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    I wanted to understand how Tableau Server deals with auto-response emails.

    Apoorv R

      We have server setup, which sends email notifications on a daily basis to a group of users.

      We require to list down such users who haven't actually seen the email for some reason(as they are on leave) & have set their vacation-responder on.

      Please help us with some workaround.




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          Jamieson Christian



          I may not be the best one to respond to this, since we haven't done a lot with report emailing in Tableau Server. But since this question has gone most of the day without a response....


          If you're using Tableau Server's built-in subscription system to send emails, I would guess that your options are almost nil. Tableau Server itself is going to ignore auto-responder emails, so you're not going to get any analytics from it.


          One solution I thought of is to construct the emails with a "Reply-to" address that actually goes to a human, so they can collect and compile the auto-responses into the list that you require. To my knowledge, Tableau Server can't be configured with a "Reply-to" address. The solution, then, is to write a script using tabcmd and an email program to send the emails, at which point you have more control.


          Here is a thread that discusses using tabcmd in conjunction with febootimail to send emails out.

          Re: Automation of creating PDF workbooks and delivery via email


          I'm not real familiar with febootimail, but it does have a -REPLYTO command line option.

          Alternative message return address



          I hope this helps!