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    Cumulative table calculation_calculation of all items by using filter

    Dilyana Suleymanova

      Hi guys,

      I would like to show on the dashboard  # Persons and # Calls per week. The number of persons and calls is cumulative. My problem is, when I set a filter for last 10 weeks, tableau beginns to count items from week I applied the filter und ignore all previuos items. 


      But I don't want to loose the calls from previous weeks. So I created some parameters and calculation field. (See below)


      IN first step I create two parameters:

      - Min date (01.01.2016)

      - Max date (31.12.2016)


      Second step: creating a calculation field: date cumulative


      LOOKUP(MIN(DATETRUNC("week", [Activity Date])),0)>[Min Date] and LOOKUP(MIN(DATETRUNC("week", [Activity Date])),0)<[max date]

      -- This formula gives me a choice between true or false.

      It is important, because I would like to use the date filter for both sheets.


      Third step: Creating a dashboard

      - set "date cumulative" = true

      use "activity date" as a relative filter



      The problem is, that tableau still count items from the week I filter for. Does anybody have any ideas what is wrong with my formula?

      Is it a formula or maybe smth else?



      Thank you in advance!



      Kind regards