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    Building out a 3-way Venn Diagram with previously parsed data. HELP!

    Mario Guerrero III

      I am trying to build out a 3-way Venn Diagram that tracks the sum of a given ID across 3 different platforms. I have already grouped the data in my database:

      Found in both Liveball and SFDC 154,195

      Found in both OMTR and Liveball 671,454

      Found in both SFDC and OMTR 89,920

      Found in Liveball 1,764,738

      Found in OMTR 1,172,891

      Found in SFDC 178,812

      Found in OMTR, SFDC, and Liveball 86,128


      However, I'm having trouble building out a 3-way venn diagram with this simple dataset. Anyone able to help?