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    Merging Multiple Columns (Interest 1, 2 and 3)

    Sunil Rai

      Hi all,


      I am struggling with this. Previously I asked if it were possible to merge multiple columns, someone did suggest to me to do a pivot.


      However, I realize pivoting multplies the count by 3 for some reason.


      Anyway I have attached a twbx file.


      I want to create a dashboard that shows

      1) In a wordcloud, all the interests (1 2 and 3 combined) for all people. This gives me a broad overview of where EVERYONEs interest lies.

      2) I wish to create a dashboard where I can click on (either girl or boy) and it will show me the cloud for that respective group. Just a basic filter function.


      The problem I am having is difficulty merging the 3 columns of interests and then manipulating it without multiplying. Don't really know what it wrong so appreciates some help


      Thanks a lot!