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    Web authoring authentication to data source

    Scott Strool

      I want to give users access to web authoring of published workbooks. The data source is not published (yet). The password was embedded during publication to the server.

      If the user attempts to edit the workbook, they are prompted for the data source password. I do not want them to have this password, the reason I embedded during publication.


      Is it possible to allow web authoring with SaveAs permission and not provide the data source password.


      fyi, the data source is Redshift.


      Thank you,

      Scott S.

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          Hey Scott,


          The behavior you're describing is by design, to prevent users from seeing data they shouldn't while in web edit mode. You can use the following options:


          OPTION 1

          Publish the data source, replace the connection in the workbook with the published data source, and then publish the workbook.


          OPTION 2

          Create an extract connection of the data source before publishing.


          Hope this helps,



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