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    How to create multiple rows of data from one row for aggregation?

    David Pavel

      I have an odd situation where I need to create "multiple records" from one record. I hope I can explain this…


      In Tableau, I have joined two Excel tables on the field ‘Piece’.  Each Piece can have multiple Components and

      number of Components. This is what I’m trying to aggregate. However, when a Piece equals a star (*), then

      one half of the Components are from one Piece, with the other half from another Piece. In the Example data

      below, half of the Components are from Piece A50, with the second half from Piece A64.


      What Piece to assign is determined by the Column/Row of the * record. In my example, the * is in Column 1/Row 4.

      This means I need to somehow lookup the Piece and Piece Qty from Column 1/Row 3 and Column 1/Row 5. See

      the image below. Can this be done in Tableau?


      I’ve attached a workbook to help. As you can see by the results below, I can aggregate everything properly when

      Piece is not a star. The highlights indicate where I need help to do some tableau magic. Any help is appreciated.