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    Refreshing extract in workbook published to Tableau Server where data source is published separately from the workbook

    Melissa Cuaycong

      Tableau Version: 9.2


      1) A .tde, call it DS.tde file is published onto the Tableau server daily.


      2) A published workbook, call it WB.tbw is pointing to this .tde file as extract.

           The workbook has been built pointing to the DS.tde on the server.  But, I use extract instead of "live."

           Subsequently, I published WB onto the same Tableau server.


      3)  On a daily basis, separately, I publish DS to the Tableau Server.


      4) On the Tableau server,

           - DS.tde is confirmed to be a new version based on date and time properties.

           - I navigate to WB, select action Refresh.  Then, I open the workbook.

           - The workbook only reflects data through yesterday.  I assumed that the refresh action has refreshed the extract packaged with the workbook with the newly published DS.


      5) It seems that the only way to make it work is to re-open the workbook on my desktop.  Refresh the extract and then republish the workbook.  OR, switch to "live" and republish the workbook.  Intuitively, it doesn't make sense.


      Bottom line:  How do I ensure the workbook always reflects the new published data source without having to manually open the desktop version and republishing?  I would like to use extract for better performance on the server.


      Sorry, can't include the workbook because of sensitive company data.