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    Swap Axis' on Dual Axis Chart

    Teresa Wright

      Have a dual axis chart, and I would like to move the left axis to the right side as shown below.  I assumed, that switching them around on the Rows shelf would achieve that.


      shot 1.jpg


      When I do so, I totally lose my Calc-1 measure for 2016/December (see screenshot below).  I have tried this several different ways and cannot figure out how to swap the axis and keep my chart intact.  If anyone has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


      shot 2.jpg

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          Dan Sanchez

          Hi Teresa!


          Do you have Stacked Marks turned off for this worksheet?  You can check by going to the Analysis menu > Stack Marks, then see if it the option is toggled to On or Off.  If it is set to Off you may just need to switch which marks are in front.  You can right-click on one of the axes and select either Move Marks to Front or Move Marks to Back depending on which axis you have clicked on.


          If that doesn't fix it would it be possible to share a copy of the twbx?