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    Removing white space in charts

    Jon Barnes

      Hello! I'm a very new Tableau user - the company I work for has a new Tableau Online-based system which we're rolling out to English local authorities alongside our standard data site and I'm creating accounts for their staff as well as learning the system on the fly.


      Hopefully, this is very simple. I have a dataset for the attainment of primary schools in England. Due to the manner in which pupils are assessed, there's a very definite trend towards the mean which tends to not see a representation of lower scores across the country. Consequently, you'll have blank space if you create a chart:



      Is there any way to remove or hide the blank space in the bottom half of the chart? It's obvious why it's there, and you can't hide it as it's only a point of data in potentia, but the whole thing would be better without it.


      Thanks in advance,