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    How to automate renaming or aliasing column names


      I have a fact with more than 100 columns. The column names are meaningless. I have the corresponding meaningful names with me in a sheet(Can load it in a table as well). How can I replace the meaningless column names with the names that I have with me in a sheet/table? I'm using tableau 10.0 on Hive


      Fact table:


      Time 123 456 789

      ------ ----- ----  ----

      abc   nsn  nss jjjjj

      ajdj  jsdjd jsjsj jksk

      ajsh jsjjkk ksd nndj


      I have this with me:


      123 Column_a

      456 Column_b

      789 Column_c


      I need like this


      Time Column_a Column_b Column_c

      ------      -----           ----              ----

      abc        nsn            nss             jjjjj

      ajdj       jsdjd           jsjsj             jksk

      ajsh     jsjjkk            ksd              nndj


      Please don't mind the values in the table. Thanks very much.