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    Prebuilt Webconnector for API URL in Tableau

    Aishwarya Sivakumar

      Hi All,


      I am in need of pre built webconnector to get json data from an API URL. I cannot use Tableau 10.1 as we are looking out for live data visualization and also, i have tableau 9.1 as licensed version.


      I have already visited and used DIY Tableau Web Connectors – Blockspring but no luck. I will be grateful if anyone can help me out on this.




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          Diego medrano

          Hey Aishwarya,


          I've moved your question to the Web Data Connector portion of the Community where you are more likely to receive a helpful response. Also, your licenses allowed for multiple installations of the same product to be able to test and evaluate different versions. Have you tried 10.1 yet?



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            Aishwarya Sivakumar

            Thank you Diego for moving my query to the right section.


            I have not tried 10.1 yet and i dont think my use case will be resolved using 10.1 as well.. Because I am looking out for a live data to be imported everytime the user clicks the bar chart.


            Use case is like this :


            1. In a bar chart, there are 3 segments - Cheap, Expensive, Same based on the price bands and the company has its own competitors. When any one of the segment (eg:Cheap with 20 products) is clicked in the bar, A table should be displayed in the same dashboard or different dashboard which contains the company name, products (20 products ideally), price and their competitors name along with Price for the same products.

            2. This scenario was not achievable as the client is very specific about click on the segment from a bar instead of drilling down using filters or parameters etc.


            Finally, we have thought we will try passing the selected segment as parameters using post method and get the JSON data and show table data in the tableau workbook using this json. Using JSON File (available in 10.1) wont be possible as we are looking out for dynamic data change as different users clicks on the segment at same or different time intervals.


            I am new to creating web data connector. So struggling to achieve this. Is there any other way we can do this scenario? Any ideas or suggestions please.. I am stuck.