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    Dashboard to Dashboard Action Won't Exclude All Values

    Brittney Parker

      Hi Guys,

         I'm sure this is just a simple fix but I can't seem to figure it out.


      I have placed an action on my dashboard "NEW DASHBOARD" where I click on a donut chart, "Voided Orders", where it takes me to another dashboard "DonutDetails". When creating the action I made sure to select the "Exclude all values" bubble, but it doesn't seem to be working. If anyone could help me figure this out I would definitely appreciate it!! I attached a workbook so you guys can see what I'm working with.





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          Joe Oppelt

          Two things:


          1)  Always specify your tableau version.


          2)  What do you expect to happen when you click on the 16, and what is actually happening.

          The "Exclude all values" setting is related to what happens when you CLEAR the selection on the original dashboard.

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            Brittney Parker

            Hi Joe,


            1. I'm working with Tableau 10.0

            2. What I am wanting to happen is when I click on the 16, I just want the voided graph on "DonutDetails" to show, while the other graph is hidden. Then when clicking on the back arrow from "DonutDetails", which takes me to "NEW DASHBOARD", I'll clear the selection on "NEW DASHBOARD" and I would like everything on "DonutDetails" to be hidden all together. What is actually happening is when I click on the 16 it takes me to "DonutDetails" but both of the graphs are showing. When I click the back arrow to return to "NEW DASHBOARD" and clear my selection, I go back to check "DonutDetails" and nothing has been hidden.


            Eventually I am wanting to add graphs for all of the donut charts located on "NEW DASHBOARD" to "DonutDetails" and have the same thing happen, only the graph pertaining to the donut chart that was clicked will show while all others are hidden on "DonutDetails".


            Sorry for being so vague and any help is appreciated.




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              Joe Oppelt

              In your description I don't see a time when "Percent of Inactive..." sheet should be displayed on "Donut Details".  When should it show, or why is it even there?


              Do you want users only to navigate between dashboard using your actions?  Or can they also click tabs?  If they can click tabs instead of actions, what do you expect to see on the various dashboards?


              I ask this because actions put filters on the target sheets, and those filters remain in place if the user clicks tabs instead of actions.


              The "exclude all values" selection controls the filter selections in those filters.


              In the modified example I created a calc [A].  It just has the value "A".  I dragged [A] to both the Voided Donut and the Voided Details sheets.  Then on the action for Voided Donuts I added the field [A] to the Target Filters list (rather than defaulting to all.)  Now, when you click on the donut, the value "A" gets passed to the detail sheet.  Look at the detail sheet.  You will see a new filter added.  The action added it.  That filter says to get all rows that have the value passed from voided donut sheet.  Of course, it's "A", and it gets all rows.  But when you go back to the "NEW" dashboard and clear the selection, NULL gets passed to the details sheet.  Of course, there are no rows with null in [A], so not sheet is generated.


              That's what the "exclude all values" selection does.

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                Brittney Parker

                Thank you for the exclude all values lesson. I thought I had a good understanding of it, but apparently not.


                I was able to produce what I was looking for, which was to have a graph appear on the details dashboard with every companies void % just by clicking on the voided orders donut chart, then have it hide when clicking on the back arrow and clearing the donut selection. I replicated this action for all of the other donuts and the corresponding bar graphs by using a common field in the Target Filters. Now, if someone happens to click on a tab instead of just using the "NEW DASHBOARD" to navigate they won't see a lot of information without context.


                Thank you again!