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    Liliya Fisher


      I'm doing training completion dashboard and currently I only have 4 categories that I put as color: Completed, In progress, Registered, In progress/Past due and Registered/Past due. However, I need to break down Completed into Completed on time and Completed past due which is not in the data source so I need a calculation to have all the categories. How do I create a formula for that? I attempted but it's not right and I included a screenshot of my dashboard and the categories to be used in the calculation:


      If [transcript completion date 2]<[transcript due date]
      then “Completed on time”

      Elseif [transcript completion date 2]>[transcript due date] then “Completed late”

      Elseif {transcript completion date2] is Null and [Transcript
      Status] is Registered/Past Due or In Progress/Past due then “Past due”

      Else “Not due yet”



      thank you