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    Retention Rates

    Guillermo Vidaurre

      So I am working on retention rates for customers. I have dug a good amount through other questions and posts (particularly the cohorts stuff) and have yet to really crack this. I am trying to do the retention rate of customers year over year. I think I am pretty close. I have done a calculated field that tells me if they were retained but I am not sure how to get from there into a simple percentage each year -  the sum of the 2014 column below divided by the total customers from the year before.





      One flaw I noticed in some answers was that it assumes that if someone leaves then comes back they were retained the whole time. E.g. purchases in 2012 not in 2013 then in 2014. He is sometimes considered as retained in 2013. Another issuer I run into is having one specific start.


      Ps I used the Tableau 10.1 and the sample data so everyone should have the data.