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    Server Status


      Hi All,


      My Tableau Server Version is 9.2.0. We have 7 Sites in our environment but to my surprise I'm able to view the server status of 4 sites out of 7 when I look from server end.

      Server-> Status-> click on background tasks for extracts under 'Analysis'-> Under Sites drop down I can see only 4 sites names(Instead of 7 site names)


      I'm able to view their status when I go to sites individually. May I know is it any product limitation or do we have any option to change/enable this option.

      Site-Status- click on background tasks for extracts under 'Analysis'- I can see the site status individually


      Let me know if you have any questions.

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          Wim Kegels



          Might it be possible that the 3 sites you are missing don't use extracts?


          Kind regards,


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            Hi Wim,


            Good Interpretation but we are using extracts in those sites also. I can view their status individually in sites but as a whole from the server end its not possible.

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              Matthias Goossens

              Hey Trinadha,


              I took my example from Tableau Server 10.2, but the behavior on server 9.2 is the same:


              You can not see all your sites in the dropdown of 'Sites' because of the combination of the filters.

              Could it be that you are maybe only showing the extract refreshes of the last time, while some sites only refresh their extracts weekly?


              I would play with the combination of the filters in the 'Background tasks for extracts' view.




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                Hey Mattias,


                You're correct . I changed the timeline and did a check. I'm able to view those sites now. Thanks for the response and it was really helpful