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    Performance with extract as well live connection


      SO I have a tableau workbook where I have connected to a postgres db. The data in the postgres is stored in a several tables comparising of a main fact table and then other bunch of look up tables.


      I have created a structure like star schema in the workbook data source and the main table has about half a million rows of data in it. So now when I create a sheet where in i pull couple of dimensions and a measure value tableau begins executing the query and keeps on doing so for like about 15 to 20 mins. And once everything is built then I have filters so on selectiong them as well tableau keeps on executing the query each time any selection change is made.


      Basically I am having a hard time understanding why is tableau not storing the data extract in a cube like its done on Business objects ? And so what approaches would I need to follow to overcome the tableau processing time and make the workbook faster. As about ~600,000 rows is not tht huge of a data as well. Need help on this.


      Attaching the workbook as well for reference. Can I know what I am doing it tht is causing it to perform so slow. I tried this with an extract as well live connection and it same either way.