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    Tableau dashboard with multiple database sources

    Ben S

      I am using 2 SQL database connections for my tableau dashboard. From my tableau desktop (version 10.1.1), I am able see the dash board report with data connecting to both databases. I am using windows authentication (of course with Active Directory user account with integrated authentication)  to connect to databases and it works from tableau desktop without issues.


      Now, I have deployed the dash board to tableau server, after that I have following issues:

      1. I am able to deploy/publish only one data connection, I could not find option to deploy/publish both databases connections. How could I deploy both database connections?

      2. Even for first database connections, I am getting database connection authentication error means authentication error. Why authentication error whereas it works from tableau desktop?


      Could you please let me know what am I missing for both conditions mentioned above? What configuration should also be enabled in tableau server for enabling windows integrated authentication so that as long as user have access to database, he/she should be able to run published tableau reports.


      Thanks for your help in advance.

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          Hi Ben,



          There are two ways to publish a datasource to the Server. The first one is to click on "Server" on the Topmenu and then you go to Publish Datasource and there are both. From there you have to choose the first one and after the upload is finished you can choose the other one and upload it, too.

          the second way: you simply do a right click on the Datasource you want to upload, press publish to server and follow the steps.


          2. When you connect to the SQL Database and do a refresh of your Data or you use the live connection I think you are asked to enter a Password to connect. When you upload the Datasource have you embedded the Password?